Alexandria to Kiama


Located in alexandria suburb, tucked in a few blocks from greeen square st. which is only a stop away from central station, the Grounds of Alexandria is a must visit when you are in Sydney even more so on spring.

The place used to be a former pie factory surrounded in brick walls but now they're home to some specialty coffee, homestyle foods, and organic gardens. It was spring when i first visited and the place is fully and massively decorated with flowers hanging through their open air ceiling, wooden pillars, fountains and just everywhere. They probably just had a wedding the day before (yes they cater for weddings). But even if it's not during the season, you will still enjoy their rustic feel and good foods.

Burgers and milkshake in an open air garden surrounded with hanging flowers. Can't get better than this.

And don't forget to indulge on the sweet unicorn milkshake while your there! Because when else can you be guilt free of such treat ✨🦄 (p.s: pic credit is from since i lost my own pic 😂 or probably forgot to take one since i was too excited to try - and yes it's worth every calories)

After the lunch we get to explore the area, which is not  huge, but definitely packed with a lot of good spots. There are some restaurants, cafes, florists to name a few, and they also have weekend market that hosts local bakers and creators. Lovely!

Back here again? Sure will!

but for now let's take the adventure to the other side. Off to Kiamaaaaa~


Drive through the bushland 🎵

--where we got sidetracked and lost in some forest and found this hidden river. Took some quick shoots before we realize there was no one there (except for couple of boats that's actually pretty far right there) and it was kind of creepy lol so we head back to the road.

in about one a half hours later we arrived at the town of Kiama just to check out the famous claimed to be the largest blowhole, Kiama (translated as 'where the sea makes a noise')


It was very cloudy and looked so gloomy, not the typical day you'd go to see the ocean. But i was still excited since it's my first time ever seeing a blowhole 😂 (and i didn't know what it was until i got there)

So it is a sea cave down under the rock that has a hole upward on the surface so when the wave hits it creates a pump of water coming off the hole 🐳 just like whales lol - interesting huh

asked my sister: so we drove for almost two hours just to see this?

her: yeah

me: cool i'll take a selfie with it

(the kid back there looks amused lol)

The wind blows on the hole. The wind blows on me. 🌬

It was a small serene peaceful town. They have some cute shops and dining places there but we have to get back before it gets darker. The weather made the view look even more melancholic which i don't mind. It was a different feel on a gloomy day and a well spent one ✨

So where would a pair of loose boots take you to? Well let me go and see it myself ✨

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