A piece of thought : Son Voyage

Have you played an RPG before? A role playing game, i'm a fan of it. Almost nerdy actually. a fantasy game of course, you know all of our collections are breathed the same air of fantasy. The thing i like about it is the journey, how it takes you from place to place one is never the same to the others. So is life, i say. How one day you wake up in your routine and the next day you wake up in an adventure as you enter new stages of life. You're walking in a journey that lead you to places you never know, roles you never played. Both exciting and thrilling. But different than games which you can play over and over until you master it, life only happen to you once. But choices, everyday. Everyone walk their own quest. Choose to see the beauty in your own and make the best of it. It is a journey to be enjoyed not to be compared. It is a journey of learning not of perfection. It is a journey worth to be embraced.
love, athalee

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